Reward Points Programs

CHoice Individual Incentive Points

By awarding CHIIPs®, your performers are empowered to choose their own reward. CHIIPs® allows your performers to immediately apply their earnings toward what is important to them. Unlike cash, which is quickly spent and forgotten, CHIIPs® are a motivator that provides a greater trophy value and lasting memories. Your dedicated loyalty team at Galactic will assist in:

  • Identifying your goals and assisting in the development of the program structure
  • Providing complete marketing support with innovative communication campaigns to drive participants to achieve targeted objectives
  • Managing all program administration, setup, and registration
  • Creating a customized website, reporting, and redemption fulfillment
  • Driving growth through increasing your sales
  • Increasing your competitive advantage by promoting an exceptional employee benefit not provided by your competitors
  • Increasing your ROI by boosting your employees’ investment in your company

Let’s move the middle.

Ways to Utilize CHIIPs®

  • Merchandise
  • Individual Travel

Our CHIIPs® can be spent on over 1.4 million merchandise items. Merchandise provides trophy value for your participants through experiencing its use, whether they are watching the big game on a new Plasma TV or showing off their new diamond earrings. Merchandise also gives participants the ability to use the CHIIPs® they earn for special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day or other holidays.

Whether you choose our stock catalogs or customize a catalog of your very own, order fulfillment for your valued participants can take place online. Our primary focus is providing the highest level of customer service to your important performers! Galactic’s highly experienced staff will assist you with all of the elements necessary for a successful rewards program.

Individual travel rewards through our ItsMyTRP® is the number one way of rewarding participants and creating lifelong memories. Our individual travel platform allows your audience to build a vacation package utilizing flights and hotels around the globe. These experiences allow participants to gain education by experiencing a place they never had a chance to travel before. Individual travel rewards also allow participants to travel on their own time and is more cost effective than group travel.

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