RAIN: Galactic's Reporting and Information Network



What is RAIN?

RAIN is the “brain-child” of our very own Gary Cornwell and stands for Reporting And Information Network. It was originally designed to be a customer service tool and to keep track of our communication with each passenger. Through the years, it has been upgraded and updated to be GALACTIC’S COMPLETE REPORTING SOLUTION.

Everything “REPORTING” is housed here in our secure database

  • Participant Information
  • Email Correspondence
  • Hotel
  • Activities
  • Flights
  • Reports

It’s completely proprietary and is customizable for each specific program.

We actually “build” the program in RAIN with all the specifics – client & program name, destination, dates, attendee types, hotel and room types, the specific activities, fees, specific information requests, staff, etc.

Once the participants start to register, all the email communication is done in RAIN, so that everyone has access to the information. This is also tracked and color-coded to make sure all participants are contacted in a timely manner.

RAIN's Capability to Improve Productivity

Within RAIN, our staff has immediate access to all the information needed to make sure our participants are taken care and all their needs are met, whether it’s during the registration process or on-site. Real time flight information is also available which our in-house Air Concierge Agents use to ensure our participants are taken care of during travel.

Our clients also have access to a plethora of reporting tools, including flight manifests, hotel rooming lists, activity confirmations, passenger reports including roster with guests and company information, mailing lists, email lists, emergency contact information, passport information, the list goes on! We also have the capability to create custom reports for our clients – almost any information requested can be exported to excel for customized spreadsheets.

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  GLOWS: Galactic's Loyalty and Overall Wholesale Solution



What Is Data and Why Is It Important?

Data is an encompassing term for bits of values: numbers, letters, symbols. Much like nucleotides in a DNA molecule or notes in a sonnet, they have the ability to create something powerful and beautiful, but just like those nucleotides and notes, they must be organized in a correct fashion. It’s only when data is organized in a certain way that it begins to be a part of something greater – information.

This is where GLOWS – Galactic’s Loyalty and Overall Wholesale Solution – comes into play. We take every day distributor data about warehouse withdrawal transactions, and we organize it in a way that allows us to paint a picture and tell a story throughout the supply chain.

GLOWS' Role in Improving an Incentive Program

The GLOWS database receives the data in an organized manner, where it is processed by multiple algorithms that project that data as comprehensive reports. These reports allow insight into performance of SKUs, stores, salespeople, categories, and manufacturers. It also shows myriads of useful information from deficiencies and opportunity gaps to sales figures and market penetration.

GLOWS assists executives in making key decisions about allocating their efforts, maximizing their potential, engaging their sales force, efficiently coordinating deliveries, targeting specific areas, and more.

GLOWS & Data - A Beautiful Synergy

As the program develops, GLOWS will assume more roles and integrate itself further into additional aspects of consulting and reporting. The insight into the data and its implications will be available, to participating parties, thus contributing to the value of the program and encouraging participation. That is the beauty of data – it is so basic and fundamental at its simplest level that what can be done with it is only a matter of imagination, a sense of purpose, and last but not least, structural integrity.

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  Data & How It's Transforming Rewards Programs


DATA & How It's Transforming Rewards Programs

   Anything that motivates an individual, whether intrinsic or extrinsic, can be described as an incentive. Whether it’s money, a sense of accomplishment, or even a warm fuzzy feeling we get from helping someone, there is always an incentive that drives us to do what we do. The challenge is to incentivize people to do what drives performance, and a big component of that is measurement. That’s where we need data – bits of information that allow us to measure results and put a number to a product of incentive.

The Importance of BIG Data

   There is an intricate chain of cause-and-effect between motivational incentives and performance output. No situation is remotely controllable or repeatable enough to qualify as an environment for a scientific experiment, so the best we can do is identify as many factors as we can that may fall between the cause and the effect, and track all of them to establish a semblance of a pattern.

   In order to do that, one would need a very sophisticated network of measurements, recording, data transfer, cleaning, storage, analysis, reporting and so on, just to be able to handle such information and make something out of it. That process can allow us to observe the changes in performance that occur due to changes in certain incentives and determine if the incentive strategy is right for the company or if a different and better approach can be applied to maximize the results and, ultimately, return on investment.

   We’re not talking laying bricks to build a wall; we are talking about building an entire house out of various materials, each serving its own purpose, and handled in different ways, by different people, using different tools, and utilizing different processes.

Incentive Strategy Using Data

   If that process is established, however, it becomes very possible to identify key factors in performance change and target those factors to capitalize on their effect. That process can allow us to observe the changes in performance that occur due to changes in certain incentives and determine if the incentive strategy is right for the company or if a different and better approach can be applied to maximize the results and, ultimately, return on investment. We may establish what works as an effective incentive for people of certain characteristics (demographics, position, socioeconomic status, industry, field, age group, gender, geographic location etc.) and tailor the incentives to their preferences.

   Most importantly, tracking the change in performance helps us to make sure that we are rewarding the desired behavior. Oftentimes, the inefficiencies in cause-and-effect dynamics are due to the rewards being slightly (and sometimes grossly) offset from the behavior that a company is trying to encourage. When tracked and monitored effectively, data analysis can ensure that the incentive efforts are targeted correctly and that not only the ends but also the means are incentivized properly.

   As difficult as it is to measure something as intangible as motivation, when approached correctly, it is possible to track specific criteria that paint a picture of the effect certain motivating factors have on performance. By employing data analysis, we can isolate the incentives that motivate people, ways in which they affect performance, and track their effectiveness via changes in key performance indicators. The biggest challenge in accomplishing that is setting up tracking and monitoring in a way that allows us to grasp the full picture, but with sufficient data reporting, processing, and analysis, it can be accomplished to achieve significant results.

Data's Role in Transforming a Rewards Program

   Hard evidence is undeniable when evaluating the success of your business' growth. The focus is not the data itself, but rather the transformation of that data and making it something valuable. You can tangibly see how your participants are doing, see what works and what doesn't, and communicate that data to your team to strengthen the weaknesses and balance out your program. When tracked and monitored effectively, data analysis can ensure that the incentive efforts are targeted correctly and that not only the ends but also the means are incentivized properly.

   Some of the benefits to your rewards platform that comes from analysis of data from Galactic are:

  • Generation of reports to help structure the program
  • Take the data and make it valuable to your business
  • Find weak points/gap in information and make them stronger
  • Create more tangible rewards based on how the program played out in previous terms

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  The Benefits of Giving Non-Cash Rewards to Your Employees

The Benefits of Giving Non-Cash Rewards to Your Employees 

The Importance of Non-Cash Rewards

The competition of retaining employees is becoming more and more challenging. According to Forbes, “millennials were three times more likely than non-millennials to change jobs in the last year, and 91% don’t expect to stay with their current organizations longer than three years.”

While here are many uncontrollable factors in team member retention, one key element that is proven to provide increased satisfaction and loyalty is the decision to incentivize using non-cash rewards such as merchandise, experiences and/or travel.

The Benefits of Giving Non-Cash Rewards

Every business has an inherent goal of differentiating itself from the market competition. Yes, the product is a huge part of making a business unique and desirable, but as an employer, it’s just as important to give your employees something of value beyond the dollar sign.

As more and more employees come to expect a bonus, cash becomes views as part of someone's salary rather than a rewards. By giving your employees something other than cash, you are:

  • Creating memorable experiences for your valued employees while creating positive brand association
  • Inaugurating a tradition within your workplace, that all employees can work towards
  • Allowing your business representatives to boost moral and come back
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and retention at your company
  • Giving something money cannot: time, memories and trophy value

The Benefits of Receiving Non-Cash Rewards

As an employee, they almost always have a goal in mind to keep grinding. Sometimes cash may be the single-most important factor in your productivity at work, but often times, it's easy to become burnt-out by constantly chasing money.

Some of the proven ways non-cash rewards can benefit an employee are, they:

  • Allow a reward or experience associated with your company
  • Give a goal that makes them feel valued beyond the regularly-scheduled paycheck
  • Boost moral and overall satisfaction in their current position

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  Zambia: A Bucket-List Destination for Group Incentives


Zambia: A Bucket-List Destination for Group Incentives

A few months ago, I was fortunate to fulfill a lifetime goal of experiencing an African safari. Being employed in the incentive industry for more than 13 years, has offered me many opportunities to see and experience the world. I believe there are few destinations more sensational than Africa with the marketing power to excite your top sales executives or top customers.

Zambia, Africa

I found the areas in and around Livingstone, Zambia to be incredibly friendly and very safe. Named after Dr. David Livingstone, the British explorer and missionary, Livingstone, Zambia is the center of the largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls. The five-star hotels and lodges serve as home base for exploration and adventure. Excellent infrastructure and professional operators offer great activities and event options for incentive groups. Group options include safaris in the National Parks, boat cruises (including animal sittings) on the Zambezi River, guided walking with lions or cheetahs, elephant safaris, zip-lining, bungee jumping, hiking, biking, kayaking, canoeing and exploring Victoria Falls via a walking trail, helicopter or microlight aircraft. There are activities abound that will keep your participants busy checking goals off their bucket lists.

Some of my favorite events and activities for a Livingstone Group Incentive:

  • Full-day Game Drive and River Safari into Chobe National Park in Botswana. The Morning Game Drive is followed by lunch at one of several Lodges in the Park. Then the River Safari completes the afternoon.
  • Sundowner (Sunset Reception) Cruise on the Zambezi River. Depending on group size, boats can dock at one of the many fabulous restaurants along the river for a private dinner. Several quality boats are available to accommodate a range of group sizes.
  • Elegant Dinner onboard the Royal Livingstone Express luxury train. The Royal Livingstone Express will stop across a bridge for a beautiful sunset view of the Falls. The Royal Livingstone Hotel caters the luxurious experience.
  • Swimming in Devils Pool at Victoria Falls. Boats leave from the Royal Livingstone dock for the two-minute boat ride to Devils Pool.
  • Guided walking encounters with lions, cheetahs or elephants. My most memorable experience was a morning cheetah walk.
  • Walking tour of Victoria Falls, including a ten minute walk from the Royal Livingston Hotel. There are no costs to enter the park because the hotel is located inside the national park zone. Visit Mukuni Cultural Village.


For smaller groups, the area features several five-star lodges and boutique hotels. For larger groups I really like The Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Hotel. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area. The Royal Livingstone is a 173-room group-friendly resort perfectly situated on the banks of the Zambezi River with walking trails leading to Victoria Falls. During my recent stay, the service was warm, friendly and efficient. The three F&B outlets include an all-day dining room, a bar, and the Sundowner Deck, which is a very popular bar to enjoy the afternoon sunset while listening to and watching the hippos in the Zambezi River. Located inside gated grounds with free roaming wildlife, your participants will be dodging giraffes and zebras on the walk between their guestrooms and restaurants. Indoor event space is limited. The outdoor space is wonderful including the hotel’s outdoor BOMA event space, sundowner deck, bar, and lawn, which are all great for events.


Zambia enjoys mild weather year-round with temperatures ranging from the mid-90’s in the hot, dry months of September and October, to mid-70’s May through August. November through April are the rainy season and probably should be avoided. The best time to see Victoria Falls at its most magnificent would be late April through August. By late September, the water over the falls is reduced significantly.


While there are many areas of Africa that remain unsafe, Zambia has long been considered a safe country for tourists and enjoys the highest security rating from the US Department of State – Level 1. There are no special VISA requirements for US citizens to visit the area; however, if you plan to visit Zimbabwe or Botswana to experience safaris in the National Parks, which I highly recommend, a special multi-country KAZA Visa is necessary. The KAZA Visa is available to purchase for $50 USD upon arrival at the Livingstone Airport or can be pre-arranged for the group by your ground operator. The KAZA Visa is valid for extended stays in Zambia and Zimbabwe while also allowing day trips to Botswana. Although no special vaccinations are required to enter Zambia when arriving from the US, your doctor may recommend Malaria tablets as a preventative to be taken daily during your stay and 10 days after your return home.

You’ll need a minimum of 3 nights to get the full experience of a Safari plus an event. My recommendation for a group would be a five-night stay in Livingstone. Or for the complete African experience, combine three nights in Livingstone with three nights in a modern city like Cape Town. Regardless, Africa is an amazing destination for any incentive group.

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