Meetings and Events

Having Galactic’s meeting management system in place will alleviate your stress, allowing you to focus on the strategic aspects of your meeting. With our proprietary meeting planning processes, our mission is to help you achieve your business goals, maximize your cost savings, and gain greater insight into your meeting expenditures and activities.

Galactic delivers expert planning and resourcing, reduced risk, and optimized spending. Our exceptional relationships around the globe provide access to resources that allow us to leverage your total spending while creating unbelievable experiences.

See how we can increase your return on investment.

Galactic’s Expertise

Hotel & venue sourcing
Flight budgeting
Custom meeting website
Audio/Video support
On-site staffing
Hospitality suites & desks
Proprietary online registration
Dynamic individual agendas
Automated confirmations and reminders
Data tracking, consultation, & ROI
Customized marketing & communication strategies
Certified meeting planners

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