Our Expertise

Team Structures

  • Designs and develops your program rules structure to best fit your audience, and to meet, and exceed your corporate objectives.
  • Clearly communicate to participants WHAT they are to do, WHY and HOW they should do it, and WHEN it should be done.
  • An effective communications campaign will maintain a maximum level of excitement throughout a promotion.
Creative Designers:
  • Our designers are armed with state of the art equipment and have extensive years of experience.
  • Our In-house team of Creative Designers will provide unparalleled quality and excel at bringing any idea to fruition.
  • The dynamic theme customized for your promotion will evoke curiosity, generate awareness, and build on all other creative applications.
Account Executives:
  • Work with you to determine your objectives, budgets, and the solutions to achieve them.
  • Highly experienced in the hospitality and incentive industry, therefore providing concrete knowledge and recommendations.
  • Dedicated to your account and representing your interests.
  • Research, negotiate, and develop custom proposals to exceed your expectations.
  • Experienced at overcoming barriers of distance, language, and currency exchange.
  • Knowledge of the best hotels, destinations, and local attractions to provide the most memorable and enticing incentive program for your valuable winners!
Travel Team:
  • Planning begins months in advance with hundreds of details meticulously reviewed and organized to ensure the trip of a lifetime.
  • Onsite management executes all program elements with attention to detail surpassed by none.
  • A post program follow-up review to ensure everyone's complete satisfaction with the ultimate travel experience is discussed with all team members involved in the planning and execution of your program.
Airline Concierge Service:
  • 24-hour Airline Concierge Service.
  • Intimate knowledge of the airline industry, and experience resolving issues ranging from flight delays to luggage mishaps.
  • Assurance that your travelers will never be stranded or left without answers.
Merchandise Specialists:
  • Provides complete support to create an innovative program for you, commencing with a comprehensive rules structure development, to an all encompassing program administration and setup.
  • Award recommendations to fit participants' demographics, program goals, and your budget.
  • Customized website, reporting, and fulfillment services.
  • Customized programs created to fit your specific needs and objectives.
I.T. Team:
  • Our in-house team of Microsoft Certified Professionals are equipped with the latest technology and hardware capabilities to fulfill the most complex custom systems requests.
  • All data is stored at secure locations requiring both password and fingerprint scan recognition to gain entry.
  • Armed with extensive experience analyzing and tracking real time point/funds balancing available for management, vendors, employees, and customers.
Accounting Team:
  • Accounting Associates specializing in timely program reconciliation.
  • Coordinated departmental scheduling of third party disbursements.
  • Efficient participant credit card transaction tracking and payment.